Today, people know the Julius watch mainly for its popular, luxury design and high quality. It’s a perfect watch that is loved by many young people all over the world. But behind every success, maybe you are unaware of Julius’s illustrious history with many interesting firsts and efforts. So keep reading this “ Julius Watch Introduction” article to explore the Julius Watch brand history and policies.

1. How was Julius Watch founded and developed?

julius watches introduction

Founded in 2001, Julius watch is a fashion watch brand from Seoul, Korea. With much effort to build the brand, Julius has become a major international brand in 2015.

In 2012, Julius was honored with The best design Award 2012 at the Hong Kong Watch Fair.

After 17 years of development, Julius was welcomed enthusiastically by women when it appeared from the first days in Korea, then it spread and was registered in Madrid – The International Trademark System in over 30 countries around the world like America, Canada, Mexico, Iran, Vietnam, India, Philippines, Thailand, China, etc.

Julius owns a closed manufacturing process, designed by Korea’s top fashion experts, imported Japanese machinery and assembled in China according to international standards. Julius offers a competitive, and mid-range price segmentation.  Increasingly, Julius is building a strong watch brand and capturing the hearts of young fashion lovers.

2. What does “Julius” mean?

julius watches introduction

JULIUS = Joyful + Unique + Love + Ideal + Unusual + Shining

Julius fully converges the elements that young people love. Julius wants to target customers who are young people like the difference in designs, follow Korean and international fashion trends, like to be themselves, they want a product that can save costs but still show their value.

Julius is famous for 3 sub-brands:

  •  Julius Limited:

This watch brand is produced in limited quantities, features a high-end movement and a 304 stainless steel case. It truly gives you real value when you wear it.

  • Julius Home:

The watch brand is designed specifically for men, with a solid alloy shell, the product price is affordable, it brings elegance to the successful gentleman.

  • Julius:

Contrary to Julius Home, Julius is a brand for women who love fast fashion with beautiful designs, always updated with youthful and dynamic trends.

3. Julius’s representative faces

Julius chose 2 famous artists to represent the brand: Kim Yoo Jung and pop star Seung So.

A representative of Julius said, “This is the first time we chose such a very young face, we hope Kim Yoo Jung will bring a new breeze of Julius to the hearts of watch lovers around the world.”

Like other Korean stars, any item worn by Kim Yoo Jung such as fashion clothes or the smallest accessories, they immediately become hot products that are loved and sought by young people.

After the successful influence of Kim Yoo Jung, Julius chose pop girl Seung So (Cheng Xiao) – a Chinese beauty who is currently a key member of the girl group Cosmic Girls (also known as WJSN).

Debuting in 2016, Seung So received great attention from Kpop fans thanks to her pure and holy beauty. As the representative face of the brand, Julius wants Seung So to bring a fresh breeze to young people, hoping that Julius will touch the hearts of customers closer and closer.

4. Julius Watch quality 

julius watches introduction

Julius’ strength is not only a fashion watch line but also meets quality standards such as Japanese machinery, waterproof, the most modern vacuum plating technology, stainless steel band, tempered mineral glass and good impact resistance. Therefore, customers can be completely assured when owning a Julius watch with trendy design and absolute quality. Julius watches are also an ideal gift that young people can give each other on birthdays or holidays.

5. Julius watch warranty

When you become a Julius customer, you will enjoy the following good warranty:

  • Julius watch warranty up to 1 year
  • Free replacement 1 time
  • 5 years free battery replacement
  • Full watch warranty

6. Fancy Time Trading – Julius’s exclusive distributor in Malaysia

Julius's exclusive distributor in Malaysia

Julius Malaysia is the exclusive and sole distributor of Julius luxury watch brands in Malaysia. We sell high-quality watches designed with a Korean style and youthful appeal, with more than 1000 unique designs.

When buying a watch at Julius Malaysia, you will be completely assured of quality, and enjoy all warranty benefits and special offers of the manufacturer. Also, we offer thoughtful and enthusiastic support for cleaning, maintenance, and watch battery replacement. We at Julius believe that customer satisfaction is the reason for our existence!